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To purchase the piece of pottery you love, please call or contact me below. Thank you.


Clay is my passion. For the last 16 years I have been devoted to turning raw lumps of clay into usable pieces of functional kitchen and house wares. As a full time studio potter, exploring the craft of pottery has taken my life in so many new and exciting directions that I never would have imagined. I love each step of the process equally, making each piece is a labor of love and commitment, first as a lump of raw clay, then the form emerges to reveal the function, the glaze finishes the piece and at last it’s a finished product ready to be used. There are challenges along the way. Choices to be made and the trial of fire in the kiln is the true test of character for each pot. I love that each day is an opportunity to make a better pot, learn something new, experience the value of being creative.


It is my hope that you will experience the joy of living with pottery, whether cupping a mug in your hands or enjoying a bowl of ice cream, I encourage you to fully appreciate each piece by using it and loving it.


Yours in Clay,

Jacque Finnicum

Jacque Finnicum Pottery Montana.JPG

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Under the Big Sky

Great Falls, Montana

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